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Site Surveys



Before buying shelving, cabinets, or other storage, save your organization time and money and have a site survey performed to assess your individual situation.  An customized report by an external consultant is a tool that can be used to support renovations, storage and collection care to not only administrators but to funding agencies.


Depending on your needs , your collection survey can focus on building concerns, environmental issues, deteriorating materials, overcrowding, or internal procedures.


Management Assessments


How long has it been since you have reviewed the processess and procedures used by your organization?  Management assessments focus on specific areas of practice and provide comments, suggestions and resources to assist in managing a 21st century organizations.


These assessments can provide a blueprint for the future and help prioritizing changes that will move your organization forward efficiently and effectively.



Collection Care is Priority One!


If your institution has collections, it doesn't matter how valuable the items are, what where you are located or how much money you have in your budget -- You have obligation to care for those items.


Gina Minks Consulting is able to provide your organization with customized services ranging from online training to on-site assessments.   Choose from topics as diverse as project management, strategic planning, and space assessment to preservation, description and funding to fit your needs.  Gina Minks Consulting also actively works with other consultants and organizations throughout the United States so you can find the right person for your project if she is unable to help you!


Contact Gina Minks Consulting now to see how we can meet your needs and solve your problems!







Emergencies and disasters never happen when you think they will. Investing in either training or the creation of a plan can save time, energy and money when the unexpected occurs. 


Creating an emergency plan, discussing possible disaster responses, and staff training are three ways to significantly improve how effective your organization will be after a disaster.




Online vs. Face-to-Face training?  Full day seminar? Multi-day webinar?  There are many different options for training and pricing varies greatly.


If you need training for you or your staff, you want to make sure that it covers what you need -- not what a trainer thinks you need.  Customized training by a practioner provides you and your staff the level of training needed and covers the topics you need covered.



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